Zepf UK is based in Scotland near Glasgow. We design, manufacture, install and commission container handling changepart systems mainly for rotary packaging machines for liquid filling, capping and labelling. A renowned approach to continuous product development and constant focus on quality and customer service clearly differentiates us from other container handling changepart manufacturers.

Many of our change parts are protected by international patent filings and registrations. For more info' contact Zepf UK on 01236 455554.

Our truly global customer base manufacture branded products that are household names around the world.  Market sectors include:

Drinks & beverages:
Beers, Coffee, Soft drinks, Spirits, Water, Wines.
Personal Care:
Conditioners, Cosmetics, Deodorants, Shampoo, Shower gels, Soaps.
Cleaning products:
Fabric cleaners, Household cleansers.
Herbs & spices, Jams & preserves, Sauces, Vegetables in jars.
Edible, Lubricants.
Container manufacturers:
Glass, Plastic, Trays, Tubes.
Air Anti-perspirant, deodorants.