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Feedscrews are a challenging area for container handling.  At Zepf UK we have our competitive advantage as we use our customised software which allows us to design and manufacture feedscrews for difficult container handling situations.

Generally the feedscrew is manufactured in the same UHMWpe material as the container handling changeparts although on occasion other materials may be used to suit a particular application.  Similar to our core and RACOP system our quick release feedscrew system allows a feedscrew to be removed and replaced without the need for tools or timing adjustment.  Where necessary we can design and manufacture the feedscrew to fit any other manufacturer's mounting system.

Key Features

•  Accelerate

•  Decelerate

•  Pitch

•  Turn 90 degrees

•  Orientate in one chosen direction

•  Group together

•  Combine 2 lanes to 1 lane

•  Change 1 lane to 2 lanes

•  Momentarily stop the container (dwell)

Market Sectors

•  Drinks / Beverages: Spirits, Wines, Beers, Water, Soft Drinks, Coffee, Milk.

•  Personal Care: Cosmetics, Perfumes, Deodorants, Shampoo and Conditioners, Soaps and Shower Gels.

•  Home Care: Fabric Conditioners and Liquids, Bleaches, Dishwashing, Household goods.

•  Foods: Sauces, Jams, Herbs and Spices, Vegetables in jars.

•  Oils: Edible, Lubricants.

•  Pharmaceuticals: Liquids.

•  Container manufacturers: Glass, Plastic.

•  Aerosols: Anti-perspirants, deodorants, Air fresheners, Hairsprays.


•  Orientators

•  Air Cleaners / Rinsers

•  Fillers

•  Cappers

•  Corkers

•  Capsulators

•  Labellers

•  Packers

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