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Complementary Products

Complementary Products

Our range of complementary products add further levels of standardization and build on the quick changeover methodology for our customers.

Key Features

Changepart storage trolleys facilitate excellent levels of 5S with all parts stored in an organised and well thought out manner.  This helps facilitate optimum changeover times, clear visibility of the condition of the parts and much improved ergonomics making manual handling much easier than conventional storage solutions.

Single and multi-position container platforms further simplify the process on many rotary machines.

Neck and body guides/grippers add higher levels of mistake-proofing and accuracy into the changeover process.

Market Sectors

•  Drinks / Beverages: Spirits, Wines, Beers, Water, Soft Drinks, Coffee, Milk.

•  Personal Care: Cosmetics, Perfumes, Deodorants, Shampoo and Conditioners, Soaps and Shower Gels.

•  Home Care: Fabric Conditioners and Liquids, Bleaches, Dishwashing, Household goods.

•  Foods: Sauces, Jams, Herbs and Spices, Vegetables in jars.

•  Oils: Edible, Lubricants.

•  Pharmaceuticals: Liquids.

•  Container manufacturers: Glass, Plastic.

•  Aerosols: Antiperspirants, deodorants, Air fresheners, Hairsprays.


•  Orientators

•  Air Cleaners / Rinsers

•  Fillers

•  Cappers

•  Corkers

•  Capsulators

•  Labellers

•  Packers

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