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Optimum changepart design is dependent on the quality of the designer's skills, knowledge and experience of packaging equipment and the sophistication of the design software. Zepf UK’s changepart design capability is second to none in the packaging industry as we employ 10 highly skilled, dedicated changepart design engineers making use of the most advanced customised 3D modelling software available.

Zepf UK’s customers benefit from our investment in the new generation CAD software enabling our designers to create virtual models of the finished product. Modern technology allows us to E-mail design files to customers around the globe. These files are capable of providing solid models or an animated colour film. This can be particularly useful in demonstrating the arrangement of parts in complicated assemblies by exploding views and providing virtual motion on a computer screen. An additional benefit of using 3D modelling software is the integral clash detection which supports 'right first time' supply to customers.

The Zepf UK business is totally focused on the design and manufacture of container handling parts and associated products. As more customers become aware of our new generation design capability we are often invited to participate in preliminary container design meetings at their premises. The ability to import container manufacturer drawings in DXF, IGES or STEP file formats enables design time to be reduced dramatically.

Customers can use this capability to foresee and discuss issues before a final container mould has been produced. It also allows the customer’s manufacturing personnel to consider potential technical issues with their colleagues in marketing armed with accurate information that would not previously have been available. AVI files can be created to show an animation of containers running through the changeparts.

Our design capability enables us to generate innovative solutions when dealing with difficult to handle, complex-shaped or potentially unstable containers. Many companies have benefited from this design expertise after approaching Zepf UK on the recommendation of other satisfied customers who have themselves experienced considerable production gains from our unique design solutions.

The expertise we have gained from many years designing container-handling parts can often be used to develop quick change solutions for other applications. Zepf UK is able to support SMED activity and continuous improvement initiatives throughout your production facility to reduce changeover time between product runs or eliminate manual handling issues.

We have many examples of successful solutions where our experienced designers have worked in partnership with our customers' project teams and together they have achieved the optimum solution.

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