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Standard (OEM) Changeparts

Standard (OEM) Changeparts

If a machine has a number of existing OEM (Original equipment manufacturer's) standard parts and it would not be cost effective to convert to our quick change systems Zepf UK have the capability to measure the machine, design and manufacture additional sets of parts for other containers.

Key Features

•  Colour coded.

•  Engraved.

•  No need to replace existing parts.

•  Can be manufactured with less weight than original OEM parts.

Market Sectors

•  Drinks / Beverages: Spirits, Wines, Beers, Water, Soft Drinks, Coffee, Milk.

•  Personal Care: Cosmetics, Perfumes, Deodorants, Shampoo and Conditioners, Soaps and Shower Gels.

•  Home Care: Fabric Conditioners and Liquids, Bleaches, Dishwashing, Household goods.

•  Foods: Sauces, Jams, Herbs and Spices, Vegetables in jars.

•  Oils: Edible, Lubricants.

•  Pharmaceuticals: Liquids.

•  Container manufacturers: Glass, Plastic.

•  Aerosols: Antiperspirants, deodorants, Air fresheners, Hairsprays.


•  Orientators

•  Air Cleaners / Rinsers

•  Fillers

•  Cappers

•  Corkers

•  Capsulators

•  Labellers

•  Packers

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